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This Super Immunity Drink Will Change Your Life (from Ayurveda)

In the times of Covid, many speak of natural immunity. Some people asked me if the immunity can be naturally boosted and the answer is an emphatic yes. There is an interesting article by Harvard Health on "Healthy Ways to Boost your Immune System".

This super drink can be prepared at home with ease in 5 to 10 minutes. All the ingredients are described in Ayurveda as ones helping body develop natural immunity.

This super drink (shown here) has the 5 key ingredients.

The key ingredient of this drink is Turmeric (raw) or in the powder form. There is also an interesting article on "Turmeric - The Golden Spice" on its medicinal importance.

The raw turmeric or the powder form can be available at any grocery store or Asian grocery stores.

Picture: Raw Turmeric

Picture: Turmeric Powder

Other ingredients are:

  1. Cumin Seeds (called जीरा / Jeera in Hindi)

  2. Fenugreek Seeds (called मेंथी / Methi in Hindi)

  3. Carom Seeds or Thymol Seeds (called अजवायन / Ajwain in Hindi)

  4. Drinking Water - You can use 250 ml per person in the steel pan

Picture: Cumin Seeds

Picture: Fenugreek Seeds

Picture: Carom or Thymol Seeds

Process of making the Super Drink:

Take 250 ml per person in a steel pan and grate raw turmeric (sized little finger) with a grater. If you don't have fresh or raw turmeric then you can also use a tablespoon of turmeric powder. Add one tablespoon of this powder or raw turmeric in the water.

Then add 10 to 15 seeds each of Cumin, Carom and Fenugreek to the pan and heat it to boiling. You can make this drink a night before or first thing in the morning. Bring the boiling water to room temperature or keep it slightly warm (better). The drink is ready to consume. You can drink it to heart's content in the morning after you brush your teeth. Please ensure that this is the first thing that you consume in the morning.

This super drink has super benefits:

Keep drinking every morning and see the benefits for yourself. All the best.

Ayurveda - Secret Of Good Health

नित्यं हिताहारविहारसेवी समीक्ष्यकारी विषयेष्वसक्त: ।

दाता सम: सत्यपर: क्षमावानाप्तोपसेवी च भवत्यरोग: ॥


One who indulges daily in healthy foods and activities, who discriminates the good and bad of everything and then acts wisely, who is not attached too much to the objects of the senses, who develops the habit of charity, of considering all as equal, of truthfulness, of pardoning and keeping company of good persons only, becomes free from all diseases.

Source: Ashtanga Hridayam

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