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Increase Core Strength in Just 15 minutes

This blog is for folks who love life but don't have time or inclination to exercise everyday. Only 15 minutes of few exercise a day can do wonders for you.

I intend to tell you the following in this blog:

  1. Clarify on what is the Core

  2. Is Core Strength important irrespective of your profession

  3. Quick exercises to increase Core Strength

I have been a fitness enthusiast for last 20 years and decided to formally educate myself by taking some of the well known fitness certifications. I often hear many clients talk about Core Strength and they refer to abdominals. This IS COMPLETELY WRONG. The below picture is the WRONG representation of Core.

The reference to core strength come from the concept of protecting the spine. I don't want to throw a lot of medical jargons and confuse you. The Core is essentially the body (includes but not limited to Muscles, Cartilage, Bones and Ligaments) right from your shoulder to your pelvis (both front and back part of the body). The below picture is the anatomical representation if the medical terms confuse you. So from the Shoulder Girdle to your Pelvis is the Core of the body (both front and back of the body included)

Any action by the body to protect the spine involves muscles, cartilage, bones and ligaments and their strength to absorb any shocks to the body. This strength is the Core Strength. For instance, when you go for a run and for every impact of the foot there is a reverse force that acts on the spine (too much of physics - Newton's 3rd Law) and the spine can only be protected from the reverse force if there is adequate strength in the Core body part. One way to strengthen Core is to strengthen the Core Muscles.

Normally it is said that 9 kg of wight is sufficient to crumble the spine if there is no core strength coming from muscles, ligaments, bones and cartilage. It clearly means that if you are lifting heavy grocery bags without having core strength, you are soon going to run into back pain problems.

Whatever could be your profession, you need good core strength. It means you can work to strengthen your muscles around your abdominals, chest, lower and upper back.

You may be a teacher or a business person or anyone who is active enough to move around to work for your livelihood. If you strengthen your core, you may not encounter problems in your cervical (around neck) and lower back. Cervical pain and the lower back pain is encountered by 80 to 90% of human population.

You will gain strength in your Core through certain basic exercises by just spending 15 minutes every day. Anytime of the day is suitable except immediately post meals. The few below exercises will help you to get a strong core:

1. Push Ups - Will strengthen your Chest - 2 sets x 10 reps

2. Pull Ups - Will Strengthen your Back - 2 sets x 10 reps

I know you must be wondering that where do you get a bar for pull ups. Try the simple below exercise and hold it for a two to three minutes and keep stretching towards the top.

3. Plank - Time yourself to achieve position for 3+ minutes. Candidly, you don't need any sexy gym gear to perform the plank. Any comfortable clothing is fine.

4. Cobra Pose (Yoga - Bhujang asana)- 1 time - Hold the pose for 30 to 60 seconds

5. Child Pose (Yoga - Balasana) - 1 time - Hold the pose for 30 to 60 seconds

No jerks please in any of the above exercises.

If you spend 15 minutes everyday, I assure you that a cumulative effort of 91 hours adds up in the whole year. Please please please protect your spine. It is criminal to not have Core Strength and risk your spine.

If you need any further assistance happy to voluntarily help. You can reach me on

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