Increase Core Strength in Just 15 minutes

This blog is for folks who love life but don't have time or inclination to exercise everyday. Only 15 minutes of few exercise a day can do wonders for you.

I intend to tell you the following in this blog:

  1. Clarify on what is the Core

  2. Is Core Strength important irrespective of your profession

  3. Quick exercises to increase Core Strength

I have been a fitness enthusiast for last 20 years and decided to formally educate myself by taking some of the well known fitness certifications. I often hear many clients talk about Core Strength and they refer to abdominals. This IS COMPLETELY WRONG. The below picture is the WRONG representation of Core.

The reference to core strength come from the concept of protecting the spine. I don't want to throw a lot of medical jargons and confuse you. The Core is essentially the body (includes but not limited to Muscles, Cartilage, Bones and Ligaments) right from your shoulder to your pelvis (both front and back part of the body). The below picture is the anatomical representation if the medical terms confuse you. So from the Shoulder Girdle to your Pelvis is the Core of the body (both front and back of the body included)