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Fitness is a journey to enjoy.


I always believe that fitness has to be seen holistic. It should include Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health. I used to be overweight and had a very poor nutritional life style. I developed the addiction for fitness during my engineering days and then there was no looking back. If I can change myself, you certainly can. I feel people should not exercise just for sake of it. There should be an endeavour to learn and also seek guidance from experts. You may not necessarily need a personal trainer your whole life but just in the formative years to get you going to exercise correctly and avoid injuries.

I am neither born fit nor have fitness intellect by birth. I have been practicing fitness for last 20 years and acquired key Certifications to enable me help others. I am a Certified Personal Trainer from BFY India and have continued education from Stanford School of Medicine USA, Wageningen University & Research Netherlands and others. Happy to connect with you and help you on the fitness journey.



Certified Personal Trainer - BFY Sports & Fitness India

Type 2 Diabetes Management - Stanford University School of Medicine

Musculoskeletal Primer for Non-Orthopaedist - Stanford University School of Medicine

Identify Early Signs of Psychosis in Adolescents & Young Adults - Stanford UniversitySchool of Medicine

Nutrition, Exercise & Sports - Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands

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