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Online Sciatica Rehab Fitness Program


Pre & post natal stability, strengthening and flexibility is essential for dealing with pain during childbirth. Pre or post natal mother's mental & physical strength is extremely important for a healthy baby

Sciatica Rehab



Sciatica can be painful and may last from days to weeks. Mind does go through tsunami of challenging thoughts challenging ones status quo. It is important to pacify ones mind through meditation and build patience to get through Sciatica. Depending on one's condition and mobility, Vedic chants are recited along with the patient to provide positive affirmation to the mind and build resilience


Sciatica Specific Training

Muscles tightness and inflamed sciatic nerve needs to be relieved with sciatica specific exercises. The exercises aim to increase muscular flexibility and strength to pre-sciatica levels


Nutrition & Ayurveda

Nutrition and Ayurveda plays a very important role in fixing Sciatica. Gridhraśi (Sciatica) in Sanskrit means Sciatica one of the Vatavyadhi which is because of aggravated 'Vata Dosha'. Focus on right nutrition foods and Ayurvedic diet to reduce & eliminate 'Vata Dosha'

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