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Online Weight Loss Program


Weight management is key to avoiding diabetes, hypertension and many other illness. Depending on the BMI of the individual, a suitable weight management plan can be worked out

Weight Management 



Everything starts from the mind. There is a wise saying "Thoughts lead to feelings, feeling lead to actions and actions lead to behaviour". With meditation one can focus ones energy inwards and channel the mind in the right direction. This is extremely critical for weight management. Meditation focusses on reciting mantras to enable you control your mind and give you the ability to use your intellect


Home Workouts

With mind in control and selection of right nutrition, a goal based workout is planned. Depending on the health and physical condition of an individual, floor exercises are conducted and monitored. One can be part of a group exercise or individual workout.



Right nutrition plays very important role in weight management. Balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre in your diet is the key focus. Understanding food labels and the right selection of food with their consumption timings is monitored for weight management

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